Why Radiant?

Radiant heating is the most comfortable form of heat. Warm water is circulated through MrPEX® tubing enclosed in the floor or ceiling of your home. This generates radiant heat, which much like the heat from the sun or a fireplace warms the people and objects in the rooms as well as the air. Traditional heating systems provide virtually no radiant heat they just warm the air. Since hot air rises, most of the heat gathers at the ceiling where it is not needed.

Radiant heat provides a comfortable even heat without the noisy blowers or fans and the hot spots and drafts caused by the air movement of traditional heating systems. Since water is much more dense than air and can transport 3,200 times more heat per cubic foot, it can circulate slowly and silently through our soundproof MrPEX® tubing.

Radiant panels are invisible and do not require unattractive wall and ceiling vents. This gives you the freedom of limitless furnishing and design options.

Radiant heating provides the option of individual zone control. Each room can be set at a different temperature based on your preference and use pattern.

Have you ever taken a warm shower and stepped out onto an icy-cold tile floor? Let MrPEX® take the chill out of your tile, marble and wood floors. Warm floors can also transform your cold and damp basement into a warm comfortable living space.

Radiant heat can save you up to 40 percent over traditional heating systems. Radiant heat provides even heat distribution from floor to ceiling. Therefore, the required temperature setting is usually four to six degrees lower. Since radiant systems require low water temperatures, heat pumps and solar collectors are very efficient.

Radiant systems do not require a furnace, thus eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Choose radiant heat and eliminate dust, germs, viruses and molds that enter your rooms through dirty air channels. Eliminate airborne allergens, like dust mites, dirt, and irritants hidden in carpets which cause the body to react with congestion, difficulty breathing, and headaches. Prescribed medications only treat the symptoms of allergies and asthma linked to indoor pollution – they do nothing to help eliminate the source of the problem! Radiant heating is the solution. It is the ultimate choice for healthy living.

Climate comparison between forced-air and radiant heating

Construction Methods

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