Wireless Hydronic &
Smart Home Solutions

Wireless Hydronic & Smart Home Solutions

When it comes to zoning your system, MrPEX added a new line of zoning controls, that meet the needs of today’s systems and owners, including wireless, wired and the control of smart devices.

The new MrPEX Wireless controls offer simplified installation, increased comfort and are easily retrofitted. This closes the bridge between HVAC and home automation on the same platform. The smart devices, such as smart plugs, door and window sensors and leak detectors to name a few, give you the ability to expand the functionality of your system by having all devices working on the same platform. These Alexa-compatible devices monitor, control and keep your home safe. The system is cloud-based, allowing users to remotely access the system either via the MrPEX Systems Smart Home App, available on iOS and Android, or the MrPEX Wireless website. Once logged in, users can view all the connected devices and set- tings, allowing the user to monitor and control the system from anywhere in the world. The system features a gateway connected to the internet, managing not only the MrPEX wireless zoning controls, but also the MrPEX Smart Home devices.