IDC Integrated Dynamic Control

IDC Intelligent climate control delivers full-fledged climate control and energy management to the residential and small commercial user.

IDC Control PanelThe IDC control panel acts as the central wiring hub for all sensors, equipment, and any input or output devices in the system. It simplifies installation and future maintenance while providing organization and protection for the communication components of the system.Explore Diagram
IDC Control CenterFrom any device with our app, the user can access the system for an overview of their current operating conditions and adjust the system settings including:» Monitor all important aspects of the system in one place.
» Set temperatures and modes for individual zones.
» Adjust tank temperatures, humidity settings, and any other adjustable settings in the system.
IDC System comes fully programmedThe system programmer integrates the HVAC system with the unique and specific controls solution as defined by the project and the desires of the homeowner. Some of the configuration aspects include:» Add all inputs such as sensors and outputs to control all external devices.
» Define all operating parameters of the system including temperature, humidity, kWh usage, C02 levels, outdoor reset, etc.
»Design all aspects of the system and how the components all work together.
IDC ComputerThe IDC system uses a Linux industrial PC with Hardshell™ Fanless Technology which helps ensure reliability by wrapping internal components in a durable, fanless & ventless enclosure which provides effective cooling while keeping airborne debris out.IDC Computer
Internet AccessThe system uses MQTT technology that allows secure high-speed access to the system from anywhere in the world on a device with our IDC app.

Apps are available for Android® and iPhone® phones and tablets.
IDC Sensors and BACnet
Strategically placed sensors, meters, or other communicating devices such as thermostats, provide the necessary feedback from the conditioned areas being controlled by the IDC system.Mr Pex IDC Sensor
Innotech Programmable I/O BlocksBy partnering with Innotech, our system uses universal I/O blocks with programmable points, and native BACnet and Modbus communication. The blocks provide status and onboard diagnostics for guaranteed reliability.

All the wired devices in the system are connected though the input/output blocks.
Programmable I/O
HVAC System Components» Geothermal Heat Pump
» Boiler
» Gas/Oil Furnace
» Snow & Ice Melt System
» Zone Controls
» Forced Air Heating & Cooling Equipment
» Radiant Heating & Cooling Systems
» Solar Thermal
» Hot Water Production & Recirculation Equipment
» HRV/ERV Equipment

IDC provides an intelligent automated building control system that provides the highest level of performance and control available. The system can react to changing weather conditions before they happen to keep the living space comfortable, and control snow and ice buildup in the driveway and walkways. Saying it more simply, IDC manages the living environment by itself. It even lets you know if there is a problem within the system through emails.

All functionality in IDC is implemented via an app with access from smartphones and tablets.

IDC supports devices that communicate using BACNet, Modbus, or Zigbee protocols.

By combining the forecasts from NOAA with the current outdoor temperature, the outdoor reset curve is adjusted to compensate for a rapid increase or decrease of current conditions.

IDC can provide advanced snow melt control for residential and commercial snow melting systems. The system can control an unlimited number of zones and can manage energy for priority areas while maintaining overall system performance.

Our server system constantly monitors all the IDC installations across North America. Technical support is available through trained specialists during installation and for the life of the system.

IDC is the first system of its kind delivering full-fledged intelligent climate control and energy management capabilities to the residential and small commercial HVAC marketplace at a fraction of the cost of commercially available systems.

IDC comes with a 10” glass touch screen that provides complete system operation and monitoring. Individual zone control can be added with 5” touch screens for each zone.

Email alerts can be set to provide the service contractor and building owner notification if there is a problem with the system.

Pre-built sequences can be used to modify conditions in the home or building or to run commands on a custom schedule.

The IDC system provides a complete commissioning system with built-in error checking for all sensors and devices. Full system simulation will be run before we ship the product to you.