IDC Intelligent climate control delivers full-fledged climate control and energy management to the residential and small commercial user.

IDC Control PanelThe IDC control panel acts as the central wiring hub for all sensors, equipment, and any input or output devices in the system. It simplifies installation and future maintenance while providing organization and protection for the communication components of the system.Explore Diagram
IDC Control CenterFrom any web-enabled device, the user can access the control center software for an overview of their current operating conditions and, if they desire, can make adjustments to the system settings including:» Monitor all important aspects of the system in one place.
» Set temperatures and modes for individual zones.
» Adjust tank temperatures, humidity settings, and any other adjustable settings in the system.
IDC Control ConfiguratorUsing this software, the programmer integrates the HVAC system with the unique and specific controls solution as defined by the homeowner. Some of the configuration options include:» Design all aspects of the system and how the components work together.
» Add inputs such as sensors and outputs to control external devices.
» Define all operating parameters of the system including temperature, humidity, kWh usage, C02 levels, etc.
» Setting up the outdoor reset curve.
IDC ComputerThe IDC software and project settings reside on a dedicated computer equipped to run this powerful and highly flexible database software platform. The homeowner has complete authority over access to the system.
Internet AccessThe system uses a local based secure web browser to provide remote access through the internet from anywhere in the world.

Phone apps are available for Android® and iPhone® phones. The system provides complete programming level access with secure access protocols.
IDC Sensors and Communicating
Strategically placed sensors, meters, or other communicating devices such as thermostats, provide the necessary feedback from the conditioned areas being controlled by the IDC system.
IDC I/O BlocksMany of the devices in the IDC system are connected through the input/output blocks. The I/O blocks allow these devices to be controlled by the software.
HVAC System Components» Geothermal Heat Pump
» Boiler
» Gas/Oil Furnace
» Snow & Ice Melt System
» Zone Controls
» Forced Air Heating & Cooling Equipment
» Radiant Heating & Cooling Systems
» Solar Thermal
» Hot Water Production & Recirculation Equipment
» HRV/ERV Equipment

A lot of HVAC control systems can monitor environmental conditions and energy usage. They can even let you turn thermostats up and down. With IDC you have this entire capability and more. IDC proactively reacts to changing weather conditions before they happen and without user input to keep the living space comfortable. Saying it more simply, IDC manages the living environment by itself. It even lets you know if there is a problem within the system.

IDC can monitor and adjust system based on forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).

IDC does not require the use of any proprietary hardware. It can be used with virtually any type of HVAC system including those mixing hydronic and air heating and cooling as well as multiple types of heat sources from geothermal heat pumps to boilers to traditional furnaces.

From the simplest to the most complex combination of HVAC hardware and Sequence of Operations (SOO), IDC can manage it all without any proprietary programming.

The trend today in high end homes is to minimize wall clutter by eliminating the thermostat. IDC makes that possible via a virtual thermostat.

IDC supports devices that communicate using BACNet, Modbus, Z-Wave, or Zigbee protocols.

By combining the forecasts from NOAA or Environment Canada with the current outdoor temperature, the outdoor reset curve is adjusted to compensate for a rapid increase or decrease of current conditions.

Using a combination of the real time visualizer, the IDC simulator, and data monitors, the sequence of operations defined in the IDC database can be verified long before all of the equipment is actually installed.

Functionally, a control device is similar to the “box on the wall” that is normally used to control one specific function, like a set point controller. IDC includes over 23 virtual control devices.

Macros can be used to instantaneously alter conditions in the home or building or to run commands on a custom schedule.

IDC comes with the ability to create a custom graphical dashboard showing the most important control elements for the end user or the installer.

IDC is a browser-based management system that can be securely controlled in-house or remotely from virtually any web-browser enabled device able to connect to the internet.

IDC is the first system of its kind delivering full-fledged intelligent climate control and energy management capabilities to the residential and small commercial HVAC marketplace at a fraction of the cost of commercially available systems.

IDC has one of the most advanced snow melt systems ever developed. The system can control an unlimited number of zones and can manage energy for priority areas while maintaining overall system performance.

Alerts can be established based not only on a single event but on a complex set of conditions and will reduce the time to troubleshoot and minimize expenses for the home owner.

All functionality in IDC is implemented via a web interface with access from any device including smartphones, tablets, and Microsoft Windows or Mac OS.

Our server constantly monitors all of the IDC installations across North America via a handshake heartbeat.

IDC provides an open interface for any Home Automation System (HAS). This expands the user’s access to the various IDC facilities from not only a browser device but also the HAS devices.

By using a very robust database, SQL server, IDC can store massive amounts of data in real time. This data can be reviewed via trend charts, real time graphic monitors, Excel spreadsheets, and animated graphical visualizers.

The user has the ability to control every aspect of the system using Amazon Echo®.