Wireless Hydronic & Smart Home Solutions

When it comes to zoning your system, MrPEX added a new line of zoning controls, that meet the needs of today’s systems and owners, including wireless, wired and the control of smart devices.

The new MrPEX Wireless controls offer simplified installation, increased comfort and are easily retrofitted. This closes the bridge between HVAC and home automation on the same platform. The smart devices, such as smart plugs, door and window sensors and leak detectors to name a few, give you the ability to expand the functionality of your system by having all devices working on the same platform. These Alexa-compatible devices monitor, control and keep your home safe. The system is cloud-based, allowing users to remotely access the system either via the MrPEX Systems Smart Home App, available on iOS and Android, or the MrPEX Wireless website. Once logged in, users can view all the connected devices and set- tings, allowing the user to monitor and control the system from anywhere in the world. The system features a gateway connected to the internet, managing not only the MrPEX wireless zoning controls, but also the MrPEX Smart Home devices.

Integrated Dynamic Controls

Integrated Dynamic Control

The Ultimate In Indoor Comfort, Snowmelt & Energy Control!

IDC is a PC based intelligent control system which delivers optimized comfort and maximized efficiency by coordinating HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, and Hydronic systems in one control. IDC is the optimal control system for incorporating radiant floor heating and cooling systems, with renewable energy sources such as solar, heat pumps, or others. IDC also offers a new and unique approach to snowmelt control. The IDC System allows remote access from anywhere in the world for monitoring, managing, and controlling via the web using any web enabled device such as a PC, Smartphone, or tablet. IDC gives you the opportunity to do as much or as little as you demand, from a small house to large commercial building, and brings intelligent climate control technologies, previously exclusive to large-scale commercial buildings, into the residential and midrange commercial market. Many larger homes utilize some kind of Home Automation system, so IDC has an interface that allows the homeowner to integrate selected information to be shown and accessed in the Home Automation system interface.

The system brains consists of a PC with the IDC software using the home network to communicate with a custom cabinet housing all the I/O blocks and communication units. Wired to the cabinet are all the sensors, equipment and control devices.

The IDC system is based on control points. These can be Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, Digital Inputs, and Digital Outputs. The number of points will dictate the software package required. The control cabinet will then be matched to accommodate the sensors, equipment and control devices in the system. Therefore we quote the IDC System on a project by project basis.

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