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in North America

Leading Provider

in North America

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Learn more about our radiant,
plumbing & snowmelt systems.

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Radiant heat provides
the most comfortable heat available.

No noisy blowers or uncomfortable drafts that are
typically caused by traditional heating systems.

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Our Plumbing Systems
offer incredible benefits

Cost Savings, Quiet, Clean & Durable
plus a warranty you can depend on

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Safe, Durable & Economic.

Our snowmelt systems create a safe,
no-slip surface.

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MrPEX® Systems is one of the leading North American system suppliers of residential and commercial radiant heating/cooling, snowmelt systems, and PEX-a domestic hot and cold water systems. Learn More.

MrPEX® Systems provides all components you need for a superior system, whether radiant heating/cooling, Potable or snowmelt systems.

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IDC Control Panel» Adjustments to system or system devices based on temperature, humidity, kWh usage, or CO/CO2 levels.
» Turn water heater on or off
» Set-point temperatures for individual zones
The IDC control panel acts as the central wiring hub for all sensors, equipment, and any input or output devices in the system. It simplifies installation and future maintenance while providing organization and protection for the communication components of the system.
IDC ConfiguratorUsing this software, the programmer integrates the HVAC system with the unique and specific controls solution as defined by the homeowner.» Defining virtual thermostat thresholds for each zone
» Defining sensors and relays to monitor and control HVAC system components
» Defining operating parameters for various conditions including temperature, humidity, kWh usage, CO2 levels, etc.
» Setting up the outdoor reset curve
IDC ComputerThe IDC software and project settings reside on a dedicated computer equipped to run this powerful and highly flexible database software platform. The homeowner has complete authority over access to the system.
Internet AccessUsers can view and manage system parameters in their IDC system via most web-enabled devices including their smart phone, tablet PC, or other device.
IDC Sensors and
Communicating Thermostats
Strategically placed sensors, meters, or other communicating devices such as thermostats, provide the necessary feedback from the conditioned areas being controlled by the IDC system.
IDC I/O BlocksMany of the devices in the IDC system are connected through the input/output blocks. The I/O blocks allow these devices to be controlled by the software.
HVAC System Components» Geothermal Heat Pump
» Boiler
» Gas/Oil Furnace
» Snow & Ice Melt System
» Zone Controls
» Forced Air Heating & Cooling Equipment
» Radiant Heating & Cooling Systems
» Solar Thermal
» Hot Water Production & Recirculation Equipment
» HRV/ERV Equipment