PEX Plumbing

Water distribution systems go as far back as Roman times with their aqueducts, and even Leonardo Da Vinci came up with inventions to improve water delivery for all kinds of applications. In each case, the tradesmen had to use the best suited materials available to them at the time. Earlier in the 20th century, black iron pipes were used until later when lighter materials such as copper became available and has remained the choice of the majority of plumbers up until quite recently.

Today, PEX with its unique and durable properties is fast becoming the material of choice. PEX was developed from standard polyethylene pipes to improve its properties. By cross-linking (X) the polyethylene (PE), it greatly improves its ability to withstand higher temperatures at higher pressures and at the same time improves its long-term strength. But not all PEX is the same. There are three different methods of cross-linking polyethylene PEXa, PEXb  and PEXc. But only one stands out as offering the most durability and benefit, and that is PEXa.

MrPEX® Plumbing Systems use MrPEX®– PEXa tubing together with either ASTM F1807 Lead Free Brass and ASTM F2159 PPSU fittings or ASTM F1960 Lead Free Brass and ASTM F1960 PPSU fittings, offering some… real advantages as compared to conventional copper pipe systems.


MrPEX® Plumbing systems are easier to install and cost less than a copper system. Due to its flexibility, routing our pex pipes through the structure is much more efficient, thus saving labor. Not only is the material less expensive, it also requires fewer fittings which further reduces cost.

The flexibility and low friction of MrPEX® pipes greatly reduces the “water hammer”, “velocity” noise common with metal pipes. In addition, MrPEX® has gone to great lengths to further reduce expansion noise by adding a “Noise Reduction Layer” on the outside of the pipe.

MrPEX® plumbing tubing does not corrode. Further, due to its smooth inside, it does not foster buildup of calcium or other impurities that may impede water flow or cleanliness. PEXa tubing has a proven track record with over 40 year of improved strength, durability, and resistance to harsh chemicals or aggressive water conditions. In addition, PEXa can be allowed to expand dramatically without bursting. This means that water can actually freeze inside the pipe allowing it to expand with the ice, then as it thaws, the pipe will return to its normal size without any degradation to the pipe. A word of caution on this, if the pressure from the ice has no place to escape, it is possible for the pressure to gradually build and exceed the capacity of the tubing thus bursting. So, we can say that it is “Freeze resistant”, not “Freeze proof”. The red or blue color layer on the outside of the pipe has several purposes; to identify hot or cold, to reduce UV degredation, and to block light to eliminate potential algae growth.

MrPEx® offers a 30 year warranty on the PEX pipes and 2 year warranty on the fittings. But, if installed as a system, we offer a 10 year transferrable warranty on the whole system.

Plumbing Applications

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