LinkedINJan 3Jan Andersson
President –
MrPEX® Systems

I started in the radiant industry in 1988, and have worked in a variety of positions, including; warehouse clerk, radiant designer, large project designer and coordinator, design service manager, manufacturer’s rep, national sales manager, heating product manager, and currently, as President here at MrPEX® Systems. I believe this wide experience gives me a unique perspective on the evolution of this industry and its growth. Having had the opportunity to be there face to face with the customers in all these different areas is really helping me in my current position in formulating our strategies with the team here at MrPEX® Systems.

I have always felt a deep passion for the radiant industry and that has compelled me to always trying find ways to make the radiant panel heating a more mainstream and accepted part of the heating market. I have come to realize that one of the key components is to better understand the building owner’s priorities, and what drives their decisions. So, to allow them to make educated decisions, a big part of we do then turns into informing and teaching enough potential customers about all the benefits of radiant floor heating. I believe that this has been, and still is our biggest challenge as an industry. It is great to see renewed interest and focus on comfort and efficiency, and with homeowners being more informed and willing to invest in more energy efficient technology and greater comfort, the future is looking quite bright.