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MrPEX®Stainless Manifold

manifold-1MrPEX Stainless Steel manifolds achieve the highest level of long term corrosion resistance by using a bright annealed high-grade stainless steel with high nickel content. This creates a stable material structure with low levels of ferrite and magnetism. To eliminate the possibility of contact corrosion, all fittings connected to the manifold are nickel-plated.

The manifolds are fully assembled, ready for mounting, the supply side feature adjustable flow-meters for flows up to 1.45 gpm per loop, and the return side has balancing on/off valves, in accordance with DIN EN 1264-4. The adjustable flow-meter allows for a positive shut-off and the manual plastic cap on the return valve can be removed to accommodate a valve actuator. The return balancing valve disc is designed to enable exact adjustments of small flows while still being able to handle large flows with minimal resistance. The combined branch Cv value is 1.64 gpm and the manifold body accommodates flows up to 14 gpm.

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Retrofit system for existing applications

retro-1RetroPanel is a perfect retrofit product for applications where comfort, efficiency, system height, and performance is key. It uses the combination of metal on the surface, with high thermal conductivity and built-in insulation underneath, to maximize the heat output at low water temperatures. The metal surface also promotes an even temperature distribution across the floor, minimizing cold spots. The low thermal mass allows for a quick response to changing load requirements. RetroPanel is unmatched in its ability to optimize system efficiency.

The RetroPanel is a floating system and the panels are easily installed by snapping them together to form a uniform layer over top of either a concrete slab or wood sub-floor. The panels are arranged with the tubing channels (grooves) of the RetroPanels. The metal tubing shields and return panel coves are then attached over the tubing. Finally, the finished floor is then installed directly over the RetroPanel surface to complete the installation.

Just a few of RetroPanel’s benefits:

  • Snaps together – labor saving
  • 1/2″ tubing – longer loops, fewer circuits
  • Tubing is protected against damage
  • Pre-insulated and low profile (3/4″) – great for retrofits
  • Highly conductive surface – high heat output and even temperature distribution
  • Water-resistant – great for basements
  • Easy to cut if necessary to fit tight spaces and around obstructions
  • Low thermal mass – quick output response

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retroMrPEX Systems is introducing a new style extruded aluminum heat transfer plate for 3/8” or ½” PEX tubing in the same plate. DuoTrack is 48” long x 3.75” wide with pre-punched holes featuring a double grove for two sizes of PEX tubing. This reduces inventory, space and cost.

DuoTrack plates are low mass and have a faster response time, higher output, and lower water temperatures requirement as compared to joist heating duo-trackwithout plates. Give it a try next time you have a suspended application.

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MrPEX® Composite Radiant Manifold

compositeMrPEX®  Composite Radiant Manifold is made from a durable high performance glass filled plastic designed to withstand high temperature and pressure. The manifold exceeds the oxygen diffusion standard NID 4726 and is completely corrosion resistant. The manifold comes partially assembled as a complete kit.

Kit Includes:

  • A complete supply body with positive shut-off balancing flow-meters, thermometer, a Fill/Drain valve with vent, and a blank end cap.
  • A set of mounting brackets
  • A set of 1″ NPT isolation union ball-valves

Plastic cap on the return valve can be removed to accommodate valve act uat or #5120700 or #5120701 (Adapter VA 90 #5700090 is needed) The branches have Eurokonus (EK20) connections, and all MrPEX® EK20 compression fitting assemblies (PEX to EK20 or PEX-AL-PEX to EK20) can be used to connect tubing up to 5/8″ to the manifold. Single, 2 loop, 3 loop, and 4 loop add-on supply and return manifold sections and other accessories are sold separately to allow for easy add-on.