by Mr.Pex Mr.Pex

Retrofit system for existing applications

retro-1RetroPanel is a perfect retrofit product for applications where comfort, efficiency, system height, and performance is key. It uses the combination of metal on the surface, with high thermal conductivity and built-in insulation underneath, to maximize the heat output at low water temperatures. The metal surface also promotes an even temperature distribution across the floor, minimizing cold spots. The low thermal mass allows for a quick response to changing load requirements. RetroPanel is unmatched in its ability to optimize system efficiency.

The RetroPanel is a floating system and the panels are easily installed by snapping them together to form a uniform layer over top of either a concrete slab or wood sub-floor. The panels are arranged with the tubing channels (grooves) of the RetroPanels. The metal tubing shields and return panel coves are then attached over the tubing. Finally, the finished floor is then installed directly over the RetroPanel surface to complete the installation.

Just a few of RetroPanel’s benefits:

  • Snaps together – labor saving
  • 1/2″ tubing – longer loops, fewer circuits
  • Tubing is protected against damage
  • Pre-insulated and low profile (3/4″) – great for retrofits
  • Highly conductive surface – high heat output and even temperature distribution
  • Water-resistant – great for basements
  • Easy to cut if necessary to fit tight spaces and around obstructions
  • Low thermal mass – quick output response