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Introducing Radiant Wood Track

Product Highlight featuring Radiant Wood Track. MrPEX Systems now offers a Radiant Wood Track System for the use of 3/8″ PEX tubing to minimize additional floor height. The MrPEX Radiant Wood Track comes in three standard panels, Run Panel, Turn-Around Panel, and Manifold Panel. Each panel is 12″ x 48″ x 5/8″ and are marked for easy and optimal cutting to fit any layout. This is a great product to combine hardwood floors with radiant floor heating!

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by MrPEX Systems MrPEX Systems

Tomas Lenman Receives Prestigious PPI Award

May 2017; Tomas “MrPEX” Lenman was recognized by PPI ( Plastics Pipe Institute) with a 35 years of dedication and commitment in establishing the North American PEX Industry through technical leadership award. Although Tomas wasn’t able to accept this award in person, he was happy to pose for a picture when it was handed to him! Tomas, now retired, spends his summers in Sweden relaxing at his lake-place. When not there, he and his wife enjoy spending time traveling together! Tomas is a true inspiration of perseverance and accomplishment and will be missed in the PEX industry!

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MRPX 2015 Plumbing Full-Page Ad

We are known for our very flexible and durable MrPEX Barrier Pipe for Radiant and Snowmelt Systems, and we now offer a complete PEXa plumbing system with the same great product, offering some… real advantages as compared to conventional copper pipe systems.

The MrPEX POTABLE PEXa tubing is offered in red, white & blue, and in coils or sticks, with complete accessories and tools! The fitting system utilizes Lead Free Brass F1807 and PPSU F2159 profile together with a stainless steel PEX press sleeve.